Impress your customers by providing a safety training program

They will thank you for it.

What new services are you offering for 2017?  We asked parents if they would support a safety training program if their school provided one, and they all said YES.  PreSafe is easy to download and use so get your English and Spanish workbooks now to see the quality and value of the safety lessons.  Your parents will be grateful and your children will be empowered. Our Motto: Safety Smart Children Rule!

 National Parenting Publication Awards says...

"The PreSafe Program is excellent. A teacher who uses it would find it an excellent teaching tool. It’s well organized into easy to understand chapters and is full of lessons and activities designed to impart knowledge about various kinds of safety."

Safety Education

PreSafe is $29.95 for customers with free coloring book downloads. The PDF workbooks are easy to download and use.  Our Motto: Safety Smart Children Rule!

Safety for 2017

Make safety education your new customer service and marketing platform for 2017. Your customers will be glad you address an issue as important as their child's safety.

English and Spanish

Dual-language lesson pages for ages two and up mean the whole class can get involved.  These lessons will help prevent home accidents to all your students.

Be an Affiliate

Having a safety program will get your customers' attention and they will tell their 250+ online friends. People trust referrals from their friends and that drives more sales. 

For Your Parents

Protecting their children is most important and PreSafe will improve loyalty and monthly renewals.  This is a product they will use at home and in their everyday life.

C-Suite Benefits

  • No Start Up Costs
  • No Management Costs
  • Free Affiliate Program
  • Secure Online Control
  • Unlimited Revenue Streams

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