What new fundraising strategies are you using for 2017?

Provide a valuable community service and generate revenue!

Our low cost safety download takes advantage of the latest digital trends and will help you build meaningful relationships with your target audience and generate revenue for your causes. Providing safety products that your community will support and promote online is the core of the process. Download the free coloring books now to see the quality and value of the program for your customer. Sign up as an affiliate for free workbook downloads!

Affiliate Commissions

  • 40% for each English Workbook
  • 40% for each Spanish Workbook

 National Parenting Publication Awards says...

"The PreSafe Program is excellent. It’s well organized into easy to understand chapters and is full of lessons and activities designed to impart knowledge about various kinds of safety."

English and Spanish

The PreSafe Program is $29.95 and is available in English and Spanish. The PDF-based workbooks are easy to download, display and print. The website provides action plans.


With a simple click, happy parents can send your PreSafe store link directly to all their online friends and contacts.  Use this new digital trend to generate revenue.

Social Shopping

Online sharing is the way we all communicate.  When your parents are browsing or shopping, social links allow them to tell their friends to like and buy PreSafe.  

Community Services

As a marketing tool, PreSafe allows you to offer real value to your customer.  We provide an annual safety calender to support several key safety holidays and events.

Moment of Truth

When your parents are excited about buying they will tell their online friends and contacts. This drives the potential for more sales. People trust referrals from friends.

Let’s Review

  • No start up costs 
  • No management costs
  • Secure online control
  • Customer great gets value
  • 365 days a year fundraising

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