Whenever you have a group of preschool-aged kids together is the perfect time to teach some kind of safety lesson. Whether the event is at your home or in some other location, try to include some safety topics. There are many ways to use the PreSafe Program. Below are some general suggestions to get you started. Have fun and get creative!

Party EventsWater Safety Parties

Locate and identify all flotation devices and teach two Water Safety lesson pages. Practice all Water Safety Rhymes.


Select two Fire Safety lessons. Show how water puts out campfires or barbecue fires. If you have a fire extinguisher, discuss how they work. Talk about burn first aid lessons.


Whenever a group of children are staying overnight at your home, gather everyone together to discuss and practice a fire/emergency escape plan to a safe place.

Field Trips

Talk about what to do if you get separated from your family or lost. Practice the identification of safe people in various locations and situations. Ask everyone in the group to each find one safe person, then ask what they would say when they talk to that person. See who knows parents’ names or phone numbers.

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