National Parenting Publication Awards says …

 “The  PreSafe Program is  excellent.   It’s  well  organized  into  easy  to  understand  chapters  and  is  full  of  lessons and  activities  designed  to  impart  lessons  about  various  kinds  of  safety.    The  material  is  designed  to  be  imparted  in  bite-­‐sized  chunks  to  young  children.  The  content  itself  is  full  of  excellent  plans,  lessons,  and  activities  that  will  help  anyone  who  wishes  to  be  an  effective  instructor  in  personal  safety  for  a  small  child…

“…certainly a  useful  tool  for  teachers.   The  language,  images,  and  lessons  offered  are  perfectly  appropriate  for  the  target  age  group.  This  is  an  excellent  series  of  lesson  plans  about  safety  designed  for  young  children.  A  teacher  who  uses it  would  find  it  an  excellent  teaching  tool.

 “The  Web site  offers  a  16-­‐page  preview  of  the  book  that’s  free  to  download  and  print  out.  This  is  an excellent  advertisement  for  the  book  and  certainly  allows  people  to  sample  the  product  before  buying.”



“I had a chance to peruse the book and it looks wonderful!

I like the pictures and the nice colors.  The rhymes are

easy to remember, especially for little children…”

Cheryl Kitahata, Thousand Oaks, CA

child psychologist/teacher



Jeanna Bellville of Momma’s Bacon reviews PreSafe:

Prevent Home Accidents With Toddler Safety Training

We all want our children to be safe.  But are we teaching them the right message so that they are prepared?  The PreSafe products are designed with preschoolers in mind, that is age 2 and up.  In their Preschool Age Training Safety book they focus on several key areas for safety for your child that includes: Meaning of Signs, Water Safety, Home Safety, Road Rules, and Fire Safety and What to Do If you Are Lost.  At the end of the book, there is also a great Safety Rules Exam to quiz your child on the safety rules.  The book also includes stickers to print out and “NO” signs to put in areas of potential danger like a hot iron or sharp objects.  Kids are included to put up their Danger signs where they think they could get hurt.  The book also includes lots of fun activities like circling items that are dangerous and memorization games like learning 911 and care giver’s phone numbers.  There are great sections on gun safety and fire safety as well as ways to prevent getting injured like wearing a helmet or a life jacket.  I also loved the emphasis they put on a child of this age to learn their name, their parents’ name and their phone number in the event they get separated from their parents.  The quiz at the end is fantastic and there is even a certificate to print out for your child once they successfully completed the Training Safety.  What a wonderful idea!

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