Start Teaching

If you have ever taken a child to the emergency room for a home accident you can understand the motivation to create this program.  Most children end up there for the same reason;  They did not know any better.  PreSafe now gives you the opportunity to entertain, educate and empower your children.  Help to prevent these occurrences from happening and give your child the advantage of being one step ahead. We believe the more they know, the safer they are.  Sit down with your kids and review the PreSafe chapters that are most pertinent for their age, abilities and current living situation. Select which specific topic or lesson you want them to learn and then either display or print out the lesson page. It’s that simple to add weekly safety training for your children!

Work From Home

A great learning feature about PreSafe is having your children create their own safety images and thoughts. After they complete our lesson, have them turn over the page and let them think about, visualize and then draw a safety situation that directly applies to them and their environment. We know that what your children learn using these lesson pages will stay with them for a lifetime.  Use the PreSafe Program links to the right to see how easy it is to add safety training to your everyday activities.  Have fun being safe!


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